Technology Consultation

Our value addition


At MITA AI LTD, we specialise in empowering startups by architecting robust technology foundations that drive success. Leveraging our vast network of connections and contractors, we offer cost-effective solutions to bring your innovative ideas to life. Our services include:

  • Architecture Design: Crafting scalable and sustainable technology architectures tailored to your startup’s unique needs.
  • Software Documentation: Providing comprehensive documentation to ensure clarity and facilitate future development efforts.
  • Prototyping: Turning concepts into tangible prototypes to validate your ideas and attract investment.
  • Continuous Product Improvement: Offering ongoing support and innovation to evolve your product in line with market demands and user feedback

Success Stories

Collaboration with HealthTech Startup: We partnered with a “Persomic” HealthTech startup struggling to navigate the complex landscape of medical software development. By defining a clear technology strategy, developing a prototype, and assisting in MVP creation.

EcoTech Project Launch: An EcoTech company approached us with a vision for sustainable technology but lacked the technical expertise to make it a reality. Through our collaborative efforts, we designed their technology architecture, guided them through the prototyping phase, and oversaw the development of an MVP that garnered acclaim for its innovative approach to environmental challenges.

By choosing MITA AI LTD for technology consultation, startups not only gain a technical partner but also a collaborator committed to their success in the competitive tech landscape.